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Bouquet of dried roses on old book


If you’re anything like me, you’re a sentimental romantic who holds on to anything that reminds you of a special moment.  So making sure your wedding bouquet lasts forever, is on top of your list of things to do before you go off on your honeymoon.

All you have to do is hang your bouquet upside down!

Place a piece of string or ribbon, tie it around the stem of your bouquet and hang it upside down in a cool, dark place (a cupboard or wardrobe would be ideal).

After a few weeks, and the bouquet is completely dry, you can hairspray it to ensure it holds. The flower heads will shrink and their colours will fade slightly but this is normal.

The final product will look a little different to your ‘fresh’ bouquet you had on your wedding day – but it will be a perfect keepsake for years to come. I still have mine.

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